Spotlight: National Speakers at the 12th Annual Alabama Giving Grantmaker Workshop
April 29, 2015
On April 21, 2015, foundation leaders from all over the state gathered at Troy University Montgomery to hear a line up of national and local leaders disucss their initiatives, programs, and insight regaring issues we face here in Alabama.

Our national speakers were Mary McClymont, President of the Public Welfare Foundation (PWF), and Michael Caudell-Feagan, Vice President of the Pew Charitable Trust (PCT). Mary discussed civil legal aid and the excellent work that PWF is doing to ensure fairness in our justice system. Visit this link to find out more about the PWF's special initiative including blog posts from Mary herself, videos, and more:

From Michael, we heard about his state campaigns for prison reform as well as PCT's initiative surrounding health impact assements. Finally, he discussed the Pew MacArthur Results First Initiative, a national database on program effectiveness. You will find a link to his presentation below which is full of insightful information on these topics.